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DGI to Receive Esri's SAG Award
DGI has leveraged the ArcGIS platform to provide maintenance of the Kentucky Geography Network which is the clearinghouse of GIS for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. DGI collaborates with geospatial publishers to provide a wealth of GIS-related information, including downloadable data sets, web mapping services and map products. These valuable resources and information products support education and training, research, decision support, and policy development for a multitude of organizations in Kentucky and across the United States. Their platform architecture includes ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Open Data, and Geoportal for ArcGIS.
Esri SAG Award

New Web Map App Gallery
Kentucky's new Web Mapping Application Gallery highligts the latest web mapping applications created and hosted by DGI. These sites are based on Esri's latest templates and work on both desktop and mobile environments. Use the Ky Web Map App Gallery to Explore the Commonwealth!

Ky Story Maps are a big hit!
Kentucky's new collection of Story Maps are a big hit! These map-driven tours of different features in the Commonwealth were collaboratively created with several entities and are getting lots of traffic in the past couple months. Check out the Story Map Gallery and Explore the Commonwealth!

KyGovMaps Page Updated
The KyGovMaps page has been updated with new web maps, showcase galleries, and specialized web-applications lke the Kentucky State Park Lodge Tour. Use the showcase galleries to explore a wide variety of informative thematic web maps or keep an eye on the weather or find the nearest alternative fueling station using one of our web mapping applications.

Welcome to the Kentucky Geography Network. The KyGeoNet is the Geospatial Data Clearinghouse for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A variety of datasets can be located and downloaded, static map products can be viewed, and many web mapping applications and services are easily accessible. Use the powerful search capabilities of the Kentucky Geoportal to locate maps and geographic data content for a particular part of the state or search based on keyword or content type. If you're not looking for data but want to explore some web maps please browse the currently highlighted content using the KyGovMaps page or check out our guidance documents on how to connect directly to our ArcGIS Server services.

Explore the Commonwealth with Ky's New Web Map Apps!



GUIDANCE: Users of the Kentucky Geography Network web site and all associated data resources should carefully read the metadata to determine if a particular published resource is of sufficient accuracy for their particular application. When any question as to currency or degree of accuracy is not adequately answered within the metadata, users are encouraged to contact the contributing agency directly using the contact information provided.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the Kentucky Geography Network nor its publishers represent or warrant that the information contained on this website is accurate, complete, or current or that that the website will operate without interruption or error. The Kentucky Geography Network further disclaims any and all representations and/or warranties made with respect to this site by any contributing source as to its contents, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, warranties of title, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

Kentucky's ArcGIS Server Services

Connection Guidance: Do you need to connect directly to the Commonwealth's ArcGIS Server Services? If so, use the link below to download our guidance document that details the procedure. Let us know if you have any questions.
Connecting in ArcMap
Connecting in a Browser

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